Ute Rost elucidates management processes and leadership skills from the perspective of the classical music business. The analogies to one‘s own workaday business reality reveal themselves easily to everyone, musically experienced or not.

Managers get a taste of the complex organisation, structure an functionality of an orchestra. Enterprises can learn from the planning and operating processes that lead from a musical score to a top concert performance. 

In multimedia-based presentations and interactive seminars, key topics like leadership styles, teambuilding, conflict management or body language become novel and intelligible once more:
Witness famous conductors and their different leadership styles.
Get inspired by the recipes for success of the best orchestras and their conductors.
Put yourself in the position of a conductor or an orchestra member and recognize the great effect of the tiniest gesture or look.

The workshops with orchestra make leadership qualities “audible“: By being tutored to conduct a group of professional musicians themselves, executives can experience and enhance their own nonverbal communication skills.

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